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What We Do

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design

As a boutique business, the scale of Cocoon Collective offers clients maximum flexibility and personalised attention. Good design enhances lifestyle, uses space more efficiently and ultimately delivers a more enjoyable environment to live in. Whatever your design brief may be Cocoon Collective believes unique design doesn’t need an unlimited budget, it just needs creative thinking. Well considered spatial planning can add just as much impact to a home as expensive finishes.

James and Breony have experienced that all too often people are under the impression that they can’t afford a personalised design and believe building a spec home or “cookie cutter” design is there only option. Cocoon Collective was established to provide an alternative where every design or build is created specifically for the client with their brief, their budget and their site in mind.

Clients seek Cocoon Collective out for a variety of reasons; some have a very clear picture of what they are looking for, whilst others are completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to even start. Often they work with clients to establish what their best option is. Working through the possibilities; extending or renovating an existing home, demolishing and starting a new one or even a freestanding pavilion or pool house… the options are only limited by imagination.

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